Braiding LTD

We offer a wide range of braiding machines, spare parts, accessories, supplies, as well as aftersales service for European countries .


In our assembly factory we offer machine customizations to meet your specification and requirements.

Below is a list of some of the machines that can be bought from us:
– rope braiding machine, 
– carrier braiding machine, 
high speed braiding machine, 
– sleeve braiding machine, 
– cable braiding machine, 
– twisted rope braiding machine, 
– elastic belt braiding machine, 
– fancy rope braiding machine, 
– automatic bobbin winding machine, 
– shoelace and gift bag rope tipping

Company's address:
Village Nedelevo 4187., 1st street No 48.., Municipality Saedinenie, Plovdiv District, Bulgaria

Phone: +359 888 66 21 75

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